All directions. All the time. In real-time. SIMPLIFIED
Our products automatically detect, locate, and identify potential threats in or on EARTH, AIR & WATER.

About Us

Quantum Technology Sciences designs and sells solutions to safeguard highly valued assets, critical infrastructure, borders, and perimeters. Our integrated systems sense, analyze complex technical data and produce real-time information.

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  • Launch Subsidiary in Texas

    Quantum Security Sciences, its wholly-owned subsidiary based in Houston, Texas, will spearhead commercial business development in the energy industry.

  • Awareness Perimeter

    Quantum Technology Sciences uses proprietary technology to ensure a high level of situational awareness - earth, sea and air - proactive alerting to threats with increased time for response.

  • Real-Time Response

    Our systems operate in real-time to classify the location and type of intrusion beyond the perimeter – allowing ample time to prepare and address potential threats.